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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ten smart tips to get the website noticed by search engines

Some methods of online money making needs a website to be created and should be sustained well. Establishing and maintaining a high quality website for an online business would make it successful in the near future. Registering a domain name, selecting a good web host and designing the website are the basic ways to establish a website.
Advertising and marketing plays a vital role in every online business, as it cannot be effective without the genuine consumers. Generating a huge traffic should be the target of any online businesses to thrive and the traffic should be converted into customers by creating the unique, interesting, and needful information for the viewers. For that, the created website needs a good place in search engines. Some tips are listed here to get the website noticed by search engines.


1. Keyword plays an essential role in inviting huge traffic to a website. So a keyword research should be conducted related to the created niche and relevant keywords (up to 10) should be naturally included in the content. This is the basic and usual way to get observed by the search engines.

2. Using proper title tags is the key way to place on the top of the search engines. If it is a catchy one with the maximum of 60 characters, it would be an additional advantage.

3. A brief description about a website or a particular post is called Meta description which seems below the title tags in the listing of the search engines. This is crucial step and it should be of maximum 160 characters long.

4. Sharing the updated content of the website in social media and social networking websites would improve its visibility in the search engines.

5. Frequent content update or consistency in adding the relevant information to the website would definitely make the search engines to well notice it while crawling.

6. The search engine likes a website with content creation in unique style or a website with no copied content.

7. Conceding the entire sitemap of the website to the webmasters of the search engine would increase its search engine ranking. Also it would be better to use the link “Submit your site” in major search engines and follow the webmaster guidelines.

8. Submitting the url of the website to top online directories, expending the free ping services and using the signature link in emails and forums are the exceptional ways to turn the view of search engines to a website.

9. A website with a branded logo would have more perceptibility in search engines.

10. Adding quality internal links and relevant images to the website could make it accessible by the search engines.    
Creating a search engine friendly website for an online business would make it to success without much effort. Do you know the ways to make the blog popular other than these smart tips? If so, please share it for my readers!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy ways to make money with ebay

There are plenty of ways to make money online and one of the most popular way is make money with ebay. ebay is an online marketplace where the buyer and sellers originate together and it was launched in the year 1995 . Here a good online business opportunity is created for the people to make genuine income at spare time as an entrepreneur. Just register with it and start making money at the comfort of your home by selling your own products or the products from ebay.

How to earn with
There are many ways to earn with If you have your own products to sell, then create a seller account and start making income with it. If you do not have the own stuffs to sell, choose the right products from ebay, become an affiliate and earn with it. Drop-shipping is also a common method to make money with it.

Sell your own products in ebay and make money with it:
After registering, link your Paypal account to your ebay account.Make a research that the market value of your items to be sold, find the keyword for your products to write in the listing. After verification, you should create a list of products in appropriate category along by taking photographs of your stuffs and placing the initial price for each product with delivery cost. You can track the selling details in "myebay" and the buyers will reach you while searching for a particular product. Finally complete the transaction by exchanging feedback with the buyer and receive the payments.

Turn into an affiliate for ebay products and make money with it:
This method is also called ebay partner program. Here no need to sell anything, but you can make money by driving a great traffic to their site. Choose the popular products from ebay to sell. Create a blog or a website. Write about the chosen products with description and your affiliate code in the created website. Promote this website in genuine ways and get huge traffic. Moreover this affiliate program is giving the tools to promote your site. If any sale is made through your affiliate link or if you refer the people to sign up with ebay then you will be getting paid.

Make money on ebay with Drop-shipping method:
Here you can make money by selling the products to the buyers 
without buying, storing or shipping the products. But you have to find a wholesale supplier or manufacturer who is providing drop shipping service. There are many reliable drop shippers available that you can search them on the internet. Just list their products on ebay at a significant profit (retail price). If the listed products are bought by someone, they will pay the money to you (retail price) and you have to send the wholesale price to the distributor. Then the drop shipping company will ship the products to customer and even take care of the broken products. If the service of this company is poor, then it would drop the customer satisfaction ratings, so please be sure about the performance of the chosen company.

Some useful tips to earn huge money through
1. The items should be posted with a good description in an appropriate category with the number of days that the products will be available for bidding.
2. Patience is essential here, as all your items/products will take time to sell out.
3. Details and the price of the goods can be changed to get better results.
4. Following the guideline is more important, if not so, then ebay will suspend your account.
5. Try to end your auctions of Sunday; otherwise people would miss to bid if they went to work during weekdays. 
6. Do not copy the description and images from other and never sell illegal items.
7. Always be honest, behave like professional and do not overcharge for handling or shipping the goods.
8. While listing the items, it is vital that your contact information and terms & conditions should be clear to the buyers to avoid conflicts. Also encourage them to leave feedback.

Online money making needs persistence, as it takes time to get the good result. Also it would upright to opt the genuine online earning ways to make income from home. So, am consolidating the honest part time jobs for my visitors to earn money at convenient time.