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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ten smart tips to get the website noticed by search engines

Some methods of online money making needs a website to be created and should be sustained well. Establishing and maintaining a high quality website for an online business would make it successful in the near future. Registering a domain name, selecting a good web host and designing the website are the basic ways to establish a website.
Advertising and marketing plays a vital role in every online business, as it cannot be effective without the genuine consumers. Generating a huge traffic should be the target of any online businesses to thrive and the traffic should be converted into customers by creating the unique, interesting, and needful information for the viewers. For that, the created website needs a good place in search engines. Some tips are listed here to get the website noticed by search engines.


1. Keyword plays an essential role in inviting huge traffic to a website. So a keyword research should be conducted related to the created niche and relevant keywords (up to 10) should be naturally included in the content. This is the basic and usual way to get observed by the search engines.

2. Using proper title tags is the key way to place on the top of the search engines. If it is a catchy one with the maximum of 60 characters, it would be an additional advantage.

3. A brief description about a website or a particular post is called Meta description which seems below the title tags in the listing of the search engines. This is crucial step and it should be of maximum 160 characters long.

4. Sharing the updated content of the website in social media and social networking websites would improve its visibility in the search engines.

5. Frequent content update or consistency in adding the relevant information to the website would definitely make the search engines to well notice it while crawling.

6. The search engine likes a website with content creation in unique style or a website with no copied content.

7. Conceding the entire sitemap of the website to the webmasters of the search engine would increase its search engine ranking. Also it would be better to use the link “Submit your site” in major search engines and follow the webmaster guidelines.

8. Submitting the url of the website to top online directories, expending the free ping services and using the signature link in emails and forums are the exceptional ways to turn the view of search engines to a website.

9. A website with a branded logo would have more perceptibility in search engines.

10. Adding quality internal links and relevant images to the website could make it accessible by the search engines.    
Creating a search engine friendly website for an online business would make it to success without much effort. Do you know the ways to make the blog popular other than these smart tips? If so, please share it for my readers!


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