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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good ideas to make online income

 Build your own membership site:
Informational membership sites deals content to make money online by subscription payment from its members. Select popular topic to get members to subscribe to your site and prepare high quality information for the subscribed members. Also have to drive traffic to your website to earn a decent regular income.
First find that what people are interested in. Create a structure around your membership site and develop your content accordingly. Then install the required software on your site. Do the graphics design and other marketing material for your site. Create in such a way that the site is easy to use. Put content in your site which can includes video and audio files, automation tools for an affiliate program to automate your marketing and promotion procedures .Create a forum to get your members involved and keep them visiting your site frequently.

Getting good rank on search engines can help you generate lots of ways to go ahead.  Once your membership site is up and running you can outsource all of the work to other people. Arrange an affiliate program to your site; give free trial subscriptions to have huge traffic to your paid membership site quickly.  Also let other people promote your membership site and charge the membership site low so that some members will pay you every month. Many business people are running their own membership site successfully.

Create websites for cell phones:
Create a website by providing information about the cell phones to sell and you can make income with it. You can include the details of the popular and new cell phone models available in the market. Provide the information by comparing two certain brands of phones (its functions, price, features etc.) in the website. Some cell phone buyers would found it useful before they purchase a product. In simple words you have to advertise the good, popular and latest models of the cell phones in your website for the customers to buy. Build an attractive, easy and useful website.

For that first find a company that offers affiliate marketing for mobiles and put an affiliate agreement with that company. You can sell their products on your website for a percentage of the sales. They would give the tools, banner ads, etc for advertising. Your income depends on the number of customers you refer. Then you will get the commission from the company where the phone has been purchased. Use SEO techniques so that your website would appear high on search engines. With low investment, you can run profitable business by selling cell phones online.


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