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Friday, January 27, 2012

Earn money at home with is a genuine site, owned by a popular internet marketer Brad Callen for article seekers and freelance writers. Anyone can sign up from any country to make money by writing. Here requesters specify the keyword, category and special instructions for the article to be written. The total counting of the required article depends up on the requester and it would be of 150, 300, 500, 700 or 1000 words. The article seekers posted the projects in the categories like Health & fitness, Travel & leisure, Legal, Computer & technology, Finance, Arts and entertainment, Business etc.

The writer can choose the project from the list based on their interest and can start writing. The articles of 150 and 300 words should be completed within two hours and 3 hours time would be given to write a 500 words article. After finished writing within the given time, the writer should submit the article for approval. The requester of the submitted article goes through it and the article will be approved if it meets the requirement. Immediately the amount is credited to the writer’s account and if the article is rejected, no amount would be credited.  Here the payment varies according to the number of words written, for 150 words- $1.01, for 300 words- $1.62, for 500 words- $2.42 and so on. If the earning reaches $20, the writer can withdraw the money through PayPal. When the writer submitted the article, it is checked with and sent for approval. So the written article must not be a copy content. If so, few warnings will be given and if it continues, the writer will be permanently banned from the site to write.

Not much skill is required to write the articles, but make sure the written article is free from grammatical & spelling mistakes. The writers can refer some sites while writing and must not copy the information from other websites. The requester gives rating for the written article (5stars, 4stars, 3stars, 2stars and 1star). The writers are needed to maintain good rating and if the rating goes beyond 2.5 stars or less, they won’t be allowed to write anymore. I am a homemaker and now earning a very good income with I wrote more than 100 articles in the past 3 months, out of those only 15 were rejected and my rating is 3.9 stars. I hope my visitors can also earn money through Also if you are a blog owner or need articles to submit in article directories site, you can get quality articles from at lower rates.


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