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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make money with Google Adsense

I discussed and shared many ideas to earn money from home in my previous posts. But I forget to tell about Google Adsense to make income from home, am earning with it. I hope this post will be helpful to all to make genuine income at home. Let’s see how to make money through Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the highest paying advertising company and it is providing good service for the people to make income from home. To earn with Google Adsense, you need to create a website and have to fix Google ads in it. For beginners, I recommend to create a blog with It is free and anyone can sign up, no prior knowledge is necessary. But creating a website with WordPress will be more efficient and you can drive the web traffic easily to your site.

Choose the category that you are familiar knowledge and it should be more popular and required information among the internet users like Health, Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Home based businesses, Income opportunities, Make money from home etc. Write with your own words with good keywords. Maintain your blog with regular postings and increase the traffic to your site by submitting your blogs in Online Forums, Directories, Social Bookmarking sites etc. If your blog is good in traffic and quality content, the Google Adsense will approve your blog. I heard that, now it takes many months to get approval if your site is well maintained with valuable information. But in year 2008, I got immediate approval from Google for my blog.

Write the unique and quality content; properly design it with web design techniques. Follow the Google webmaster guidelines while designing the site. Also optimize the site with simple SEO techniques to get top rank in search engines. Select a site name and url with keywords related to your content written in your website. For quick approval, I recommend going for hub-pages, publish articles and then apply for Google Adsense approval.

Fill the Google Adsense form and follow their policies. While filling the form, enter the details like url of your site, Payee name (Same as your Bank account name), address, account type etc without any mistake, finally agree the terms & conditions and submit. You need to have a Gmail account and have to sign in into it after submitting. If your site is well maintained with good traffic and if it has no copy content, the Google would approve it. Then you can fix the ads of Google and generate huge income with it for your life long. Also you will receive pin verification from Google to your registered address, please verify it. Thanks for Google letting  me to earn genuine income from home without any investment.


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